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Voice Lessons and Talent Coaching
Rock, Pop & Classical Singing Lessons
w/ Aziza Poggi

My name is Aziza Poggi and I am a classically trained mezzo-soprano singer from the Grand Rapids, MI area. I have been studying voice for over 20 years, and I am your classic underdog who rose to the top by competing for grants in college for voice, performing in honors recitals, and touring the country and Europe with my classical symphonic metal band Aria Flame.

I have studied with opera sensation Nicholas Loren (Metropolitan Opera) Dr. Stephen Barton (GRCC music department), Bill Bokhout (Opera Grand Rapids), Diane Koperski (GRCC voice program), Mary Zimmer (White Empress), Melissa Ferlaak (Plague of Stars), Pamela Moore (Queensryche), and many more.

At the beginning of my career, I had low self-esteem, and, at the time, I did not realize how much that was holding me back from becoming the singer I am today. People may not realize that singing is a lot about confidence. Working with a vocal coach is an excellent way to boost your confidence while learning ways to improve your voice. I know the fundamentals of breath support and technique, and I can teach many different styles. I also was a former actress, talent manager, and casting assistant and am available for hire as a talent coach and for career advice. I also am currently furthering my education at Berklee College of Music and maintained to be on the Dean's list consistently. I can help you further your goals and lessons are catered to your needs.

Currently, I am accepting beginner to intermediate students 8 yrs (parent or guardian must be present if under 18 yrs old) or older for classical voice and pop (rock) vocal style in person at my studio or via Zoom or Skype. Lessons are one full hour for teens and adults and half hour for children or per request. Lessons are personally suited to your individual needs. Payments must be received in full before the start of each lesson.
Visit azizaworld.com for more information on my background! Email me at azizaworldinc@gmail.com to get started!
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Jason D My daughter started with Aziza a few years back and all I can say is she has progressed immensely. From being super nervous to perform in front of people, to performing a solo as a freshman this year. Aziza has a way of teaching, working with my child’s fears and concerns and excels at it. My daughter has improved not only in her singing but in her confidence, perseverance, and self-esteem in singing. I cannot recommend Aziza enough and if you are looking for an amazing teacher, mentor and friend, I encourage you to contact her and see what she can do for you or your child!

Leslie M An amazing teacher!
We reached out to Miss Z for lessons for my 10 year old daughter who wanted to try out for her school musical. With short notice, we were able to schedule 3 lessons at a very reasonable rate, and were clearly made a priority! Miss Z helped my daughter to understand the audition process, helped her choose a song that was just right for her vocal range, and gave her confidence heading into her first audition. She provided multiple tracks for her to use as well as warm-up resources. Miss Z went above and beyond in her commitment to my daughter’s success; even staying late on the last night of her lessons to make sure my daughter was fully prepared. I will recommend lessons through Aziza to anyone and everyone!

Daniel Cruzan
Excellent vocal coach. She excels not only in teaching amazing vocal techniques in various styles, but in empowering people to do much more than they would have thought possible. She will build up your confidence as well as your skill as a vocalist. I have nothing but great things to say about her.

Tawnya TMD Thomas
Aziza has such great energy! It's inspiring to be around. Her knowledge of all things musical is so impressive! She does what ever it takes to make sure you understand the whole process. She's a phenomenal teacher.

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