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No stranger to the stage, Aziza Poggi has a varied performing past. In earlier years, she could be found in local theatre, commercials and character roles of award winning indie productions. After a whirlwind of film roles, she went back to her first love, music, and formed Dendura, the Egyptian themed progressive metal band. Within four years of its inception, Dendura achieved recognition from the world-wide metal community. CD New Life reached top 10 at Sonic Cathedral and tracks have been included on several metal compilations. In addition to being a driving force and a charismatic performer, Aziza is a long term vocal student, always exploring and pushing the boundaries.

In 2005, tabla-player Kathy Roberts formed Ensemble Al-Asdeka after living off and on in North Africa. Their debut CD was produced by Kathy and Robyn Robins, a former member of the Bob Seger Silver Bullet Band, who has produced over 57 platinum albums for artists over the world. Released in Decemeber of 2007, it was chosen "Editor's Pick" at CD Baby in 2008 and is listed at Magnatunes as a top 10 seller in the World music category. It is played in over 50 countries on over 70 radio stations. It is no surprise Kathy is behind this new endeavor. Some hearts resonate in a minor key and some hearts beat with a Middle Eastern rhythm.

Sinuous and sexy improvisations loved by listeners and dancers alike originate from flutist and sax-man Daniel Giacobazzi. With a wide range of musical experience, Dan performs classical, country, jazz, South American folk, Tex-Mex, Tejano, rock blues and pop regionally. Dan also spent a year in Japan playing Western music and learning Japanese traditional and classical music. His song from the Ensemble Al-Asdeka CD, Flute Taqsim, was chosen by a Qatar tourism organization to be the sound track for their Qatar promotional video.

Versatile guitarist, D. Adam Estner brings years of performing experience and a huge repertoire of guitar licks to the table. Can a guitar sound like a mandola, an oud, a baglama? These questions have provided material for a lifetime of experimentation and study. With AzizA, Adam will focus on fusing the best of the west with the east.


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