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Rock & Classical Singing Lessons w/ Aziza Poggi
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“Former Projects and News”

Congratulations to Aziza for making it into the professional singers Community:
"Eve's Apples"

Currently Aziza Poggi is a full time student of voice at Grand Rapids Community College and a member of the Grand Rapids Symphonic Choir. She is available as a session singer and available for select performances.

Aziza Poggi sings classical, rock and world fusion music.

Her compelling operatic vocals were heard with Egyptian themed band Dendura and her middle eastern influence is heard in world fusion band Al-Asdeka. She also has been hired as a guest vocalist & session singer for other projects

To listen: our myspace pages: Azizaworld and Ensemble Al-Asdeka

DENDURA, 2004- 2011 : band disbanding letter
Dendura formed in the winter of 2004 w/ a shift of line up changes until 4 years ago. I always said this band is it's own entity and without everyone involved who is in it now, it doesnt work. The last couple years, the band has been at a standstill from recording our album with Neil Kernon (Grammy producer, Nevermore, Judas Priest etc..) and though we had/have every intention of finishing it, it's been a financial reason we could not or cannot at this time tho we plan on figuring out what to do with that. We still hope to, but we will be re-releasing New Life (1st album) as planned and ......... read more here.

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