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DENDURA, 2004- 2011

Dendura formed in the winter of 2004 w/ a shift of line up changes until 4 years ago. I always said this band is it's own entity and without everyone involved who is in it now, it doesnt work. The last couple years, the band has been at a standstill from recording our album with Neil Kernon (Grammy producer, Nevermore, Judas Priest etc..) and though we had/have every intention of finishing it, it's been a financial reason we could not or cannot at this time tho we plan on figuring out what to do with that. We still hope to, but we will be re-releasing New Life (1st album) as planned and I start vocals on Sunday and committing to finishing the vocals now that I physically can. In our time together, we opened for Fuel, Epica, Scar Symmetry, Kamelot, Doro Pesch, and a handful of other nationals. We did a theme song for a Comedy Central show called Monsters Ballz & Dendura was seen in Metal Hammer Magazine and Voices along with a chain of guest appearances on albums such as Sonic Cathedral Sirens and Femme Metal Compilations. We scored a record contract w/ Killzone and distro contract w/ Nightmare Records and been a top seller at Sonic Cathedral Music Store for 4 years straight. I am proud of our accomplishments; and have learned how to do things differently in my next group I work in. Mistakes have been made; but they have been learned. We met some great bands and had an incredible journey. This band has been my outlet for a long time so II'm disbanding it with pride. I will perform some of Dendura's songs in a new group or on my solo performances so I can still enjoy those songs while I am working and writing all new ones in a hard dark rock sound. I was going to just say we disbanded, but I wanted to tell a lil history on the band for those who are newer to Dendura and so we can thank everyone for being supportive through out the years. Dendura will be selling t-shirts and cd's for package sets of $10 bucks as a gratitude of thanks or $5.000 each. You can get it through my paypal account at azizadendura@yahoo.com. Shipping is included in US pricing. For international prices, please contact me. To end this note, this is sad, and feels like a big break up to me, but it also is a new beginning for us as well and the members all remain friends. In fact, Greg and Paul will be working on a couple solo tracks for me and former Dendura drummer Erik Sales will be involved as well. Our last show was November 26th in Detroit w/ Epica, The Agonist and Scar Symmetry. I am glad my bday show was our last, as opening for EPICA was an incredible treat for me that I got to enjoy with some very incredible people and friends who were at that show. Great memories. Thank you very much for all your support and stay tuned for other projects we do on our Dendura facebook page as that will remain open as well as www.azizaworld.com . I also want to thank Cassidy for contributing keys for our last 2 shows who is in Justins other band, Juxtapose; as well as all former Dendura members who were a part of the band at one time or another and belly dancers Abida Blaze and Sarah Mayne for their added creativity to our shows. Thank you also to Lori Thwang for all her hard work for promoting the band and all that been involved. Thank you all!

"We learn wisdom from failure much more than success. We often discover what we will do, by finding out what we will not do. " - Samuel Smiles

Aziza Poggi - Vocals, founding member
Paul Stein - guitars
Justin Lee Dixon - drums
Greg Cloon- bass

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