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June 7 2011
New pictures added : 3 Promo pictures

May 15 2011
New pictures added : with fans and famous people
Contacts have been updated

Nov 14 2010
New pictures added : Gallery - Live

June 28 2010
New pictures added in the Gallery

May 15 2010
Hi friends, I wanted to let you know that my website is updated and was redesigned by Helcanen at www.helcanen.be. Please take a moment and check out her great work with reasonable rates!
The pictures are by Anthony Griffin at www.unsafefilmoffice.com. I am currently writing my neoclassical album as we speak so please stay tuned for future news and info on my new website www.azizaworld.com and check me out this Saturday at 5pm at Konkles on Bridge St for a special acoustic set showcasing 2 songs off my solo album and some favorites my guitarist Adam and I like to perform. Hope to see you there!!!!

April 9 2010
Hi all, I had received more photos from Anthony Griffin (filmagrapher and photographer) this week from our photo shoot and am so happy with his work, I wanted to make sure you knew about him and checked out the photos. I am going for a neo-classical appearance with a spin of my own personality into the pics and I believe Anthony did a great job! Visit www.unsafefilmoffice.com. You can eventually see the pics added to the www.azizaworld.com website but you can visit myspace.com/azizaofdendura or www.myspace.com/azizaworld until then. I am still working on my solo album but decided to really take my time with it but completing it at a reasonable time. I will keep you posted as things progress. Have a wonderful weekend and see you this Summer!!!!!!

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