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2012 © Aziza World - Helcanen

A new line of hybrid perfumes mixed with pure essential oils,
premium grade fragrance oils, jojoba oil, vegetable glycerin &
Bulgarian Rose Water.

No animal testing!
Alcohol free!
Made in the USA! Bottles and jars also made in the USA!
Affordable pricing!

"Scents That Sing to You"

What makes Aziza World Fragrances so different? My perfumes are made with heart and soul! I never liked the scent of alcohol you smell when misting yourself with common perfumes. I learned that alcohol actually evaporates the oils and fragrance in perfume, which makes you have to reapply it more often or use it more liberally! Desiring to make an affordable perfume but with more natural ingredients, I embarked on my own quest to make hybrid perfumes containing 100% essential oils combined with premium grade fragrance oils in jojoba oil without alcohol! I strive to keep my scents unique and environmentally friendly at affordable prices. My products are never tested on animals nor use any animal by-products. The longevity of my perfumes is longer than most costing 3 to 10 times and most people can wear them, even those who have sensitive skin. Despite most popular perfume manufactures, Aziza World Fragrances LLC's products are made in the USA. In addition to perfumes and colognes I also handcraft all natural soy wax candles, roll-on perfume oils, organic whipped Shea body butter and custom fragrances for any product your heart desires!

Care instructions: Store in room temperature and away from sunlight. Shake between each use for best results and strength. If perfume is left in cold temperatures and freezes, leave bottle in room temperature to liquefy again for a couple days before using.

Warning: With all fragrances, lotions, and cosmetics, some products may cause skin irritations. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Avoid contact with eyes, keep away from animals and children, keep away from fire and do not drink. For sensitive skin, spray upon exterior clothing and wait about 20 minutes before dressing. Do not use if sensitive or allergic to Rose Water.

About Aziza World Fragrances

My name is Aziza Poggi, and I come from a family of creative entrepreneurs. Early on, I knew that I would choose the same path. My predilection for scents and my love for nature came together when I launched my brand of vegan, eco-friendly products.

An enormous amount of time and research goes into all my creations. I have extremely sensitive skin and allergies, and so I am particularly sympathetic to others who struggle with the same issues. I want to make sure my products are useable for everyone!

As I began my work, I learned that the alcohol in many perfumes evaporates our natural oils, creating respiratory distress and skin irritations. Therefore, I expunged all alcohol use in my perfumes. In early 2011, I underwent a surgery that left me wheelchair bound for months. I utilized that time to study and perfect my recipes. I spent hours upon hours reading books on perfumery and body products, soy candles and whipped Shea body butter. Later, I trained with a chemist, who helped me get dilution and leveling correct. He also offered insight to essential and fragrance oils.

Today, I am proud to sell high-quality organic, vegan, American-made products that are alcohol- free, bleach-free, and cruelty-free. Within that framework, I am also pleased to offer custom orders upon request.

My brand can be found online and in consignment shops, festivals and salons worldwide!

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Aziza Poggi